Kingspan GreenGuard 2.5″ x 16″ x 8′ Square Edge Board Insulation


XPS Residing Board 25 PSI – R Value 12.5

With its extruded polystyrene (XPS) construction, Kingspan GreenGuard XPS Residing Board does not absorb water, is not a food source for mold, and is not subject to moisture-related damage and deterioration. An R-Value of 5.0 per inch of thickness makes it an excellent thermal insulator that increases the energy efficiency of your structures, and it retains its insulating properties over time. The board also provides an extra barrier against moisture infiltration. Choose between a square edge (CM) and an interlocking shiplap edge (SL) that helps reduce air leaks at seams and gaps.

  • Highest thermal performance
  • R–value of 5.0 per inch of thickness provides excellent energy efficiency
  • Water absorption of only 1/10% by volume
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The XPS insulation board offers an R–value of 5.0 per inch of thickness and is ideal for a variety of applications including below slab, below grade along the foundation, inside basement walls, exterior insulation over wood sheathing and residing.

Rigid extruded polystyrene insulation (XPS) can be used as general purpose insulation for roofing, wall and foundation applications requiring a minimum compressive strength.

R–value of 5.0 per inch of thickness.
Continuous insulation (Ci) for above grade walls, as well as below grade walls and floors.
Provides an extra barrier against moisture infiltration.
Each insulation product achieves the required fire performance for its intended application.

Manufactured and distributed throughout the United States, GreenGuard® products are easily recognizable by their green color. In addition to creating healthier, more durable and cost-efficient structures, GreenGuard® products can help meet “green” building certification requirements.

Product Data Table

Nominal Thickness (in)4 1/23/4, 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 4
Nominal Board Width 4
Nominal Board Length (ft)4
16 in  / 2 ft / 4 ft
Edge Profile4 Square or Shiplap
Property Type ASTM C578 IV
Compressive Strength, Min.
(psi@ 10% deflection)
ASTM D1621 25
Water Absorption, Max.
(% by volume)
ASTM C272 0.1
Density, Min.
ASTM C303 1.6
Water Vapor Permeance, Max.²
(Dessicant Method)
Service Temperature, Max (°F) 165
Thermal Resistance, R-value1(°F.ft².hr / Btu per in thick) ASTM C518
(@75°F Mean Temperature)
Thermal Conductivity, k-value
( / hr.ft².ºF)
(@75°F Mean Temperature)
Fire & Smoke
Flame Spread³
Smoke Developed³
ASTM E84 / UL723  ≤ 25 (Class A)
≤ 450


Product Data Sheet

Installation Guide

Safety Data Sheet



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