Custom Rigid Insulation Finishing

Customize your insulation boards to fit any space, for any job! Now available to ship directly to your place of work, XPS Supply can accommodate the finishing process to uniquely cut down standard rigid insulation to alternative specifications. Offering a multitude of custom lengths and thicknesses, we cleanly craft specific edge formats (Channel, Furlap, Shiplap and Tongue/Groove) to achieve optimum results.

XPS Supply distributes nationally, operating from the greater Ohio region, providing exceptional service through our multifaceted factory and fulfillment center. Whether onsite pickup or direct shipment is required, our logistics team will ensure your order is properly coordinated and cared for. Contact us today to review any request, and we’ll provide you the support needed to help achieve best results for your latest insulation project.

Thickness Control

Altering the thickness of rigid foam insulation requires one of two methods that we utilize. First being planing – a shaving process that leaves a much smoother result. The latter – direct bandsaw cutting, offers an even halving for insulation sheaths requiring a straighter, yet rougher, split. Each method results with one unfinished side per foam board.

Depth Control

Any width and length can be achieved through our heated wire-cut procedure. Beginning at 1 inch, each measurement can increase by (at least) eighth-inch intervals, and be replicated toward any quantity of insulation in a given order. Maximum measurement capacity for each panel tops at 8 to 9 feet in length, product pending, and 4 feet in width.

XPS Insulation Formats

By phone or web order, there are plenty of options available at a variety of sizes with no limit restrictions. Every XPS insulation board we facilitate measures either 25-40-60 psi with thicknesses ranging quarter-inch up to 4 inches, and over 60 variations. In order to help you determine the appropriate level of protection necessary for your project, pressure per-square-inch, thickness and density are key factors toward confirming any insulation product’s thermal retention rating. With Kingspan GreenGuard XPS, foam panels maintain an R-value of 5 for every inch of board thickness, with the exception of GreenGuard Fanfold’s adjusted underlayment ratings.

GreenGuard 25 psi

Kingspan GreenGuard 25 psi is a multipurpose rigid insulation board utilized in construction projects involved with sheathing, under slab, precast concrete, crawlspaces, cavity walls, foundation, perimeter and furring walls.

GreenGuard XPS is water repellent, will not feed mold, and is not subject to moisture deterioration. Retaining its insulating properties over time, it is an excellent thermal insulator that increases the energy efficiency of your structures with an R-Value of 5.0 per inch of thickness. These boards also provide extra protection against leakage, seasonal thaw/freeze cycles, groundwater, humidity and condensation. Choose between scored, square or shiplap edge.

GreenGuard 40 psi

Kingspan GreenGuard 40 psi is a higher strength extruded polystyrene insulation panel designed for use in engineered applications requiring additional load-bearing capability such as under slab and concrete floors. These products function with the same qualitative and structural properties as GreenGuard 25 psi rigid panels do. Choose between square edge or drainage board.

GreenGuard 60 psi

Kingspan GreenGuard 60 psi the highest strength XPS board we offer, designed for use in construction applications needing even more load-bearing capability, floors, foundations, roadways and rail beds – for example. These products function with the same qualitative and structural properties as all GreenGuard rigid panels do. Choose between square edge or drainage board.

Foam Board Edge Profiles

We offer multiple custom edge formats that suit many different applications. Using the standard square edges of the native panel, XPS Supply processes all boards to the following selective specifications.